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We’ve Moved!

The Trackable Entities project has been migrated to GitHub, where you can post issues, report defects and make contributions.  This is also where you can download the latest release.  The project documentation can be found here:

There you’ll find installation instructions, getting started tutorials, how-to videos, samples, and information about debugging and contributing to the project.

If you have any questions or issues, please post them to the GitHub site: discussion forum on CodePlex will no longer be monitored, and releases will no longer be posted here. For help with learning Git and GitHub, as well as guidelines for submitting issues, please see the page on contributing.

Project Description

Visual Studio project templates and NuGet packages for client-side entity change-tracking and server-side persistence with Entity Framework extensions. Using these templates you can create multi-projects solutions for either WCF or ASP.NET Web API.

For an overview see this blog post:


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